Structural Design & Drafting

2019 Approx. 3,000 SF warehouse addition to existing office building.

Gilbert, Arizona

Construction – CMU walls, wood/steel framing and conventional concrete spread footings.

Project Under Construction


Mow Power

Structural & Civil, Design & Drafting

2018 Approx. 12,000 SF Retail and Shop Repair

Mesa, Arizona

Construction – CMU walls, built-up roofing over steel deck and steel joists and conventional concrete spread footings and foundation system for a 70′ x 70′ prefabricated steel canopy. CMU site walls.

Castle Hot Springs

Structural & Civil Engineering Services

2018 Hospitality Development

The Kennedy Building

The project consisted of remodeling the existing three-story historical building with approximately 6,284 SF of livable space. The existing walls are wood stud walls, conventional roof, and floor framing, and conventional concrete spread footing. Some of the upgrades done were the footings, the interior and exterior stairs, relocation of wall openings for doors and windows, and converting the crawl space into a wine cellar.

Initial Project Photos:

Aerial Walkway

The project consisted of reviewing and overseeing the design and special structural inspection requirements for the 200ft Arial Walkway Bridge and Via Ferrata.

Sky View Cabins

The project consisted of partially prefabricated cabins with a sky view on the roof.


The project consists of 14 individual Casitas with two models, a standard Unit and a handicap unit, both unit types are wood framing with CMU Walls at retaining conditions, the roof is a mono-slope roof system, and conventional concrete spread footings. The square footage of both units are 525sf livable, 340sf covered porch, 12sf mechanical room, 117sf outdoor hot tub patio (no roof), and 32sf mechanical unit enclosure – Total square footage 1,026sf

Barn & Water Tower

This project consisted of restoring the existing steel barn and a new water tower.

Upper Hot Springs

This part of the project consisted of a cabana with access to the hot springs, and an underground water tank to store the hot spring to supply with spring water throughout the resort.

Stone Building

This project consisted of restoring and remodeling existing stone building into a Chapel. The existing building was masonry walls and conventional spread footing. New Steel Roof and wall openings were added.

Initial project photos:

Longlook Residence

Structural Design & Drafting

2019 Approx. 6,900 SF two-story residential building on a hillside lot.

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Construction – CMU retaining walls, wood stud walls, conventional floor and floor framing with conventional concrete spread footings.

Project Under Construction